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  • Sex doll for dogs

    Sex doll for dogs

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   ~$225.00 buy @ hotdoll I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Sex doll for dogs………. And you thought sex dolls were just for Japanese business men. Now your dog can stop humping your leg and hump the Hotdoll dog sex doll… yes, really.

  • Cardboard cat pod bed

    Cardboard cat pod bed

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $239.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Cardboard cat pod bed // cat pod art. Not only is this something that your cat will love to sleep on and tear up, but it is a pretty cool piece of furniture for your home too.…

  • Dog grass potty

    Dog grass potty

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $259.00 I WANT IT buy @ amazon [/threecl] [endrw /] Dog grass potty to stop him peeing on your carpet. This grass potty for dogs makes your little one feel right at home when he takes a pee and means he will want to take a leak…

  • Dog exercise wheel

    Dog exercise wheel

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $399.99 I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Dog exercise wheel for those rainy days. Nobody like walking the dog in the rain, but they need exercise. That’s when the dog exercise wheel comes in handy. Let them loose and sit back and relax while the exercise wheel…

  • Pish pads rolls

    Pish pads rolls

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $299.00 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Pish pads to keep your floors Pish free. Pish Pad 36″ x 10yd Keep pets dry and floors protected Economical to use – Use a regular scissor to cut to size Stain and odor resistant Machine washable…

  • Leather dog carrier

    Leather dog carrier

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $258.00 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Designer leather dog carrier for the spoiled dog. Carry your little dog around in style with this designer leather dog carrier. Comes in various colours and adds a touch of class to your dogs travels. Airline approved,…

  • Automatic cat food dispenser

    Automatic cat food dispenser

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $214.95 I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Automatic cat food dispenser. No more worrying about feeding the cat with this awesome automatic cat food dispenser that does your job for you. Fill it up, set the time and amounts to feed and go on holiday…easy as 1,2,3……

  • Electronic pet door

    Electronic pet door

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $279.75 I WANT IT buy @ amazon [/threecl] [endrw /] Electronic pet door lets them come and go as they please. Strap on the smart collar to your pet and when they get near the electronic pet door, it magically opens up so you no longer have…