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  • Dog santa costume

    Dog santa costume

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $14.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Not long ’till xmas so get your santa dog costume now. This santa dog costume means you don’t have to dress up as santa yourself this year…the kids will be just as happy as long as they…

  • Dog dinosaur costume

    Dog dinosaur costume

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $25.32 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Dog dinosaur costume. If you are after dog halloween costumes or just want to dress your dog up to please your kids, this dog dinosaur costume will fit the bill. Foam printed headpiece, foam padded costume with…

  • Princess dog costume

    Princess dog costume

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $14.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Princess dog costume my nieces will love. I can only assume if my nieces could dress their dog then this is what they would put it in. A pink, princess dog costume because all girls love princesses.

  • Hurtta dog coats

    Hurtta dog coats

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $39.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Hurtta dog coats for dogs that love muddy puddles. Keep your messy dog a little less messy with the Hurtta dog coats range of waterproof/windproof coats. Let them jump in all the puddles they want. Fully waterproof…

  • LED dog leash

    LED dog leash

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $27.95 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] LED dog leash for safe night time walks. 6ft of glowing awesomeness for safe nigh time dog walks. The LED dog leash makes you stand out like a Christmas tree in the night park.   Steady glow and…

  • GPS tracker for dogs

    GPS tracker for dogs

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $179.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Never loose your dog again with the GPS tracker for dogs. Does your dog dig holes under the back yard fence and take a walk around the neighbourhood? Always going missing ? Strap this GPS tracker onto…

  • Sex doll for dogs

    Sex doll for dogs

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   ~$225.00 buy @ hotdoll I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Sex doll for dogs………. And you thought sex dolls were just for Japanese business men. Now your dog can stop humping your leg and hump the Hotdoll dog sex doll… yes, really.

  • Pet water fountain

    Pet water fountain

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $48.93 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Amazons best selling Pet water fountain. Get your cat or dog to drink more water with this water fountain that holds 168oz of water Holds 168 fluid ounces of water to keep your pet’s water full Includes…

  • Vacuum dog brush

    Vacuum dog brush

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $54.04 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Dyson vacuum dog brush. Brushing you dog was never cleaner. No more dog hair all over the floor…brush and the vacuum dog brush does the rest. EASY, Suitable for medium or long haired dogs Slicker bristles positioned…

  • Lion mane for dog

    Lion mane for dog

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $12.61 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Lion mane for dog will scare your neighbours cats and kids. If your dog is getting the run around from the local cats and kids, try adding this lion mane for dogs that will instantly raise his…

  • tagg gps pet tracker

    tagg gps pet tracker

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $96.41 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] tagg GPS pet tracker. Never loose your dog/cat/pig again with this cool pet tracker from tag. Track where your pet gets to with award-winning tag GPS Pet Tracker that will send text and email alerts directly to your…

  • Sheep dog costume

    Sheep dog costume

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $9.99 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Sheep dog costume. bahhhhhhhhh baaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Not a sheepdog costume, but a sheep dog costume.

  • Treadmill for dogs

    Treadmill for dogs

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $599.00 I WANT IT buy @ amazon [/threecl] [endrw /] Treadmill for dogs. No more walks. If you have a home gym and a dog then why not get your best mate his own doggy treadmill so he can get fit with you at home. Ideal for…

  • Dog grass potty

    Dog grass potty

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $259.00 I WANT IT buy @ amazon [/threecl] [endrw /] Dog grass potty to stop him peeing on your carpet. This grass potty for dogs makes your little one feel right at home when he takes a pee and means he will want to take a leak…

  • Pish pads rolls

    Pish pads rolls

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $299.00 buy @ amazon I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Pish pads to keep your floors Pish free. Pish Pad 36″ x 10yd Keep pets dry and floors protected Economical to use – Use a regular scissor to cut to size Stain and odor resistant Machine washable…

  • Electronic pet door

    Electronic pet door

    [beginrw /][ninecl]   [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $279.75 I WANT IT buy @ amazon [/threecl] [endrw /] Electronic pet door lets them come and go as they please. Strap on the smart collar to your pet and when they get near the electronic pet door, it magically opens up so you no longer have…

  • Small dog life vest

    Small dog life vest

    [beginrw /][ninecl] [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $36.00 I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Small dog life vest for water loving dogs who can’t swim. The small dog life vest meas that even if your little pooch can’t do the doggy paddle, he can still join your for a quick dip at the beach. High-performance…

  • Dog dinosaur costume

    Dog dinosaur costume

    [beginrw /][ninecl]     [/ninecl] [threecl] [fb_button] [wpfp-link]   $18.36 I WANT IT [/threecl] [endrw /] Dog dinosaur costumes are very cool. Dog dinosaur costumes are funny no matter what you say. Get your little pooch dressed up for your next party in something that everyone will love…